Project Management


Maximized efficiency by developing the operational structure for autonomous robot deliveries available through a partnership with Starship Technologies. Developed OKRs and oversaw the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, variances, trends and other opportunities for growth and efficiency. These work flow improvements have led to the highest autonomous delivery completion rate in the nation.

Growth Strategy


Built out a local digital campaign guide; from content strategy to implementation and analysis. Develop growth-hacking campaigns using a local digital strategy and implement A/B testing programs. Conduct iterative tests leveraging analytics to make decisions based on greatest ROI and continue to improve digital initiatives to refine long term growth strategies and planning. 

Data Analytics


Develop strategic roadmaps and testing plans using a variety of analytical tools to model solutions, yield conclusions, and power decision making. Write and execute SQL queries to evaluate and ensure a balanced market while identifying areas that will yield the greatest impact. Track and analyze metrics to further improve performance. Implemented zip code penetration analysis to target growth strategy, resulting in an average 30% customer increase in target zip codes.



Established strategic alliences with like minded-brands to grow brand awareness. Organized a local Pay It Forward Day initiative with pop-up sandwich-making stations for the homeless. Partnered with KIND Snacks, Trader Joe’s, and Honest Tea to provide evening commuters with all the supplies necessary to make a meal for someone in need. 



Business Development | Event Management

Friends of the Global Fight

Oversaw all initiatives in support of the organization's fundraising programs. Maintained all donor records, solicitations, and tracking of  gifts using CRM applications. Organized high level fundraising events and meeting. Produced events featuring Bill Gates as the Keynote Speaker with attendees spanning from CEO's, elected officials, and heads of nongovernmental agencies.

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